Juliet is an abstract painter who uses a wide array of materials. These include gloss paint, acrylic, glue, spray paint, oil and varnish. She paints with her canvas on the floor which enables her to move around the work freely. Control, chance and manipulation are recurring themes that that are explored within Juliet's work.

Juliet completed her BA at Norwich University of the Arts in 2007. During this time she went to Japan for two months to learn Japanese painting; it was here that she unexpectedly discovered her current style of painting. Drawn to the vibrancy within the culture she adopted her love for colour and began to create abstract paintings.

After completing her Batchelors Degree Juliet spent a year exhibiting her work across the country including Newcastle, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Sussex and Leeds.

In 2009 she began her Masters at Wimbledon College of Art where she started to refine her style of abstract painting. She now works in her studio most days creating new work for upcoming exhibitions.

She is represented by Woodbine Contemporary Arts who show her work at the Affordable Art Fairs.